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Our Next Monthly Meeting is Monday 19th February 2018
Starting 8pm - entry from 7.30pm

With guest Speaker - Steve Sass from "On The Perch Bird Park"

From private to public: the challenges of going from hobby to bird zoo owners

Steve and Linda Sass have been private aviculturalists for a combined 60 years. With Linda a late starter to the hobby (aged 15), they grew with their hobby over the coming decades as did their family of four children often in tow in bird shows, sales and club meetings. Their passion started with Australian grassfinches and with Steve growing up in NSW central tablelands, he had four species in the wild at his back door! With a move into softbills in their late teens, they have been captivated by the challenging yet amazing group of birds evr since. Since the age of 10, Steve has been designing his very own bird park with many iterations gracing expansive sheets of cardboard with not a hint of a budget! But after two years of serious planning, they opened On the Perch Bird Park in 2015 on the NSW far south coast. As dedicated finch and softbill enthusiasts, they share their journey and the challenges they face from the early planning to their current operation of more than 90 species and 600 birds.