Victorian Avicultural Council
The Victorian Avicultural Council (VAC) is an incorporated organisation consisting of affiliated Victorian bird clubs.
The VAC supports its affiliates in Local Government matters .
The Stolen Bird Hotline is run by the VAC - directly addressing the problem of thefts and links to a network across Australia.
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The Sale of Non-Native/ Exotic birds at Vic Bird Expos is now approved. An Exemption has been granted by the Victorian Government.

National Finch and Softbill Association

The National Finch and Softbill Association aims to provide a national voice for finch and softbill enthusiasts. We work together to enhance the positive image of aviculture and promote finch and softbill conservation. We support conservation efforts through research, habitat restoration projects, co-operative breeding programs. Provide advice to governments on issues related to finch and softbill conservation and publicly oppose illegal trapping and smuggling. We work through alliances with other national avicultural bodies.
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Since 1935 the CCBFA has represented bird clubs and their members in all facets of aviculture throughout Australia, supporting all State Avicultural Councils and representative bodies at all levels of Government.
For details contact the Secretary Ron Robertson Tel. 02 9452 2396

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Below are many links and documents providing info for Victoria Bird Keepers


Species Codes

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Codes for Species held in Victoria
Birds that may be held privately under a Wildlife Basic Licence in Victoria
Birds that may be held privately under a Wildlife Advanced Licence in Victoria
Websites of Interest
Orange-Bellied Parrot Recovery plan
Friends of the Helmeted Honey Eater
Moonlit Sanctuary
550 Tyabb-Tooradin Rd
Pearcedale Victoria 3912 Australia

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